Affordable housing
for remodelled neighbourhoods across Europe

Despite accounting for less than 2% of the Earth’s surface, urban areas are responsible for more than 60% of greenhouse emissions and their building stock plays a critical role.

Urban areas

< 2%

of earth surface


of greenhouse gas emissions

Buildings in EU


of energy consumption


of greenhouse gas emissions

Start date:

October 2022


16 partners from 10 countries


48 months


Up to
2,88 M €

According to the European Commission, buildings are responsible for 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions.
In order to achieve the EU Climate Target Plan 2030, a transition in the designing, construction and retrofitting of buildings is needed. As a result, the European Green Deal considers positive energy districts and nearly energy-zero buildings a key priority. But investments for such a transformation are high, and experts wonder how socially vulnerable people, who are dependent on affordable housing, can become part of this transformation process.

With this innovative approach, the project hopes to increase the percentage of renewable energy consumed in the housing sector as well as to reduce energy consumption per capita, expecting to save up to 190 GWh annually.

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150 #EUCitizens adopted 13 recommendations on #EnergyEfficiency ⚡️ during the final session of the European ...Citizens' Panel this week-end in Brussels.

The input will feed into a EC 🇪🇺 Recommendation on the #EnergyEfficiencyFirst principle.

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Around 50 million people in #Europe, #CentralAsia & North #America live in inadequate #housing conditions

The ...#Housing2030 initiative sets out policy solutions to the region's housing #affordability crisis

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