Demonstration districts

The project ProLight investigates how to bring together both innovative retrofitting technologies, new sustainable business models and the participation of local citizens in six neighbourhoods in Austria, Finland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

The individual districts have different approaches and will work with community managers, develop digital apps or adapt other participatory activities to improve the energy literacy of its inhabitants. The different sites will share their experiences and inspire each other, so that eventually also other districts and cities will be able to learn and benefit from the outcomes of this research.

The goal is not only to build and renovate buildings in an energy and resource-efficient way but also to create new energy communities.

“Our aim is to empower the citizens of our demonstration districts to become active and responsible partners for the necessary low-carbon transition”
Momir Tabakovic
Coordinator of the ProLight project and Professor at the Viennese University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.